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PREMIERE: John Shakespear Shares ‘Cavalier’. Debut Album Drops May 10th.

JOHN SHAKESPEAR will be dropping his debut full-length record ‘Spend Your Youth’ on May 10th. And the whole album is a refreshing fold of whimsy and decadent look back at coming-of-age lessons that had been earned. The album was produced by Devon Dawson, with additional mixing by Greg Giorgio (The National, Sharon van Etten, Kurt Vile).

His ‘Spend Your Youth’ Tour starts at 2nd Wind in North Carolina, May 6th.

From the new album, there is the single named ‘Cavalier’. And to us, the single sums up so deliciously, both John’s acclamation and depth as a story teller and of the vibe the album entails.

‘Cavalier’ forges ahead with the tinge of that ‘coming of age’ focus. But as experience had indicated, the song goes into the ‘what had or had not been’ kind of phase. Within the framework of a love that was true at the time, the song indicates a place where all seemed to be a steady stream of brilliant shower in refuge which indelibly enveloped the protagonist’s senses to neutral standing. And private secrets, kept under lock and key, the protagonist then delves into his misgivings and challenges that made him feel and become so love sick – but, to our surprise, never sick of love.

‘Cavalier’ is a playful indie-psyche guitar ‘strums and picks’ single. And as you listen, you begin to realize that it is not of the past that is more important. In fact, the more important part of it all, is that the conversation that was done inside – the inner speak from the hero’s instincts – that has a stake in a bigger claim.

Love is never really simple, right?

Anywho. That’s what John does. John’s talent of story telling, in concise but has the wherewithal of combustible anecdotes that takes the single into a new room full of insights.

The rest of the album, most enjoyably, follows suit. The stories are poignant, charming, and laden with lessons of love and loss. However, never over-bearing nor under. Just the right amount of necessary nudge, and the light-bulb in your head, turns bright.

John is joined by his bandmates Samm Bahman, Johnny Helyar, Greg Hum, Alex LaRue, and Nate Taylor. And the Nashville based, Boston bred, son of an Argentine immigrant and a Boston-Irish mother, John’s vision for poetry is decadent and relative, with warmth and empathy from the get-go.

The thoughtful writer of song keeps his thoughts with calculated spirit. Filed away for that rainy day, sharing with the public – of his deeds and memories – in the hopes for his music moving and reaching with a promissory note for truth and honesty.

The difference now is that he’s decided to share them with all of us.



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