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PREMIERE // Johnny Conqueroo Shares ‘Taking it Easy’ : Pump adrenaline through your listening veins.

EP Release @ The Burl, Lexington, KY (December 6th).

Johnny Conqueroo

Understanding the magnitude of it all, she sat down on that table and chair. With her heart palpitating to the rhythm of an unfound vibe of the moment, she glazed over the kaleidoscope of emotions that were to explode through her skin. “The day started out so well…” she lamented on that notion. Looking up onto the sun, within the hustle and bustle of the downtown street, she cried out, silently, damning the day’s outcome.

Oh well, at least she had Johnny Conqueroo in her rotation.

Produced in a ‘Stax Studio’ – like scenario and captured live with a little soul from their friends on organ, horns and backing vocals, Johnny Conqueroo’s title single ‘Taking It Easy’ is a rendition of that ‘understanding’ for the parts of our daily lives that excite and depress us, equally.

And as such a song should offer, the drizzling goodness balances our sensibilities with notions of irony. From that moment of salinity, ‘Taking It Easy’ hopes that we are able to go through with the balancing act of the ‘unfair’ and the ‘glorious’.

In ‘Taking It Easy’, Johnny Conqueroo serves a decadently jazzy and soulful commentary, which, despite the subject of its frame, delivers with kind and gentle wishes that we all should deserve.

Made up of bandmates Grant Curless (vocals, guitar), Wils Quinn (drums), and Shawn Reynolds (bass guitar), the mix of blues and psychedelic rock, thrust out from the exciting vision of the band. The first thing you feel and vibe, is that attitude of good ol’ classic rock, which comes pouring out like sweat as you gleefully dance to the tunes that they offer.

The band will soar even further as the months pass, for their appeal and talent transcends into another atmosphere. You can feel that sentiment, and as they pump adrenaline through your listening veins, you become one of their own – as fans, and as devotees.

The trio will conquer, where ever they lead.

Look for the EP drop and even more from this fabulous band.

See them next for their EP Release @ The Burl, Lexington, KY with friends The Slaps and This Pine Box on December 6th.



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