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PREMIERE: JON PREZANT Shares ‘Reason’ Off Of New Upcoming Album. “I Miss You Sis.”

‘Reason’ is the lead single from my debut album ‘Oceanic’ (due out September 14). The atmospheric and ethereal indie track was written about the true story about my sister’s passing. Lyrically I wrote it from her perspective and what I wish she would say to me today. The song features a blend of live instrumentation (piano, cello, drums, guitars) with lush electronic sounds and harmonies.

Sometimes I wake up and you’re on my mind. The early morning darkness of my room, spread a kind of intrinsic sadness upon my soul. This happens a lot, and it sometimes makes me laugh at the absurdity. But I can’t deny that it happens to me, most days. It’s the end of winter, and there still is a bit of chill in the air. Spring is upon this land I live and occupy, but no warmed yet. I know that the sun rises every day, but it’s hard to believe this fact sometimes. Maybe it’s just a matter of not caring that much.

But I should care, right? Wouldn’t you say this to me? I wonder. You left me too early, and I miss your presence in the house – your laughter, your bullying, your love, you just bing you.

I open my eyes, and tell myself, why it’s worth it to go on. I’m not very happy without seeing you here with me.

Do you miss me? Will I ever hear you or see you again? What am I talking about…I’m sure you’d tell me if you could.

I feel miserable when you’re on my mind in those dark early hours of my room.

And now, I don’t want that feeling to go away. If that’s how I’ll remember you being in the living, I want this to stay as it is, forever.

I miss you sis.

‘Reason’ is a single off of his upcoming new album ‘Oceanic’ and is JON PREZANT’s beautiful letter to his sister, whom had passed.

Jon is an NYC artist who’s now based in Tel Aviv, Israel.



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