PREMIERE // Josefin Berger ‘Go Kiss an Orc – Chapter 1’ : Underwritten rhythms and bass framed operatic invigoration.

Josefin Berger

Fantasy is real. When Josefin Berger brings to the masses, her brand of fantastical arrangements, chivelry rises again with gallantry and utmost beauty in musical ambitions.

Said Josefin: “I wrote the song inspired by working with fantasy events, The Lord of the Rings and the high soprano melodies of Kate Bush. In elf language it’s offensive to say the phrase Go kiss an orc and means ”be gone, go kiss an orc”. Go Kiss an Orc will be released in different versions (there is another version released already, Go Kiss an Orc – Prologue) – Chapter 1 I see as the main one.”

Close your eyes. Open your ears. And you’ll feel and hear the synth driven grandness of Josefin’s pop that is ‘Go Kiss an Orc – Chapter1’. Its underwritten rhythms and bass framed operatic invigoration will take you aback.

Surprise will be of the highest order.

Danceability will be in order.

Josefin’s rendition, brings the other dimension to another precedence. Honesty and pure fun, lives in Josefin’s falsetto and the colors it brings.

‘Go Kiss an Orc – Chapter 1’ was written by Josefin, with Synth arrangement/Produced along with by Per Persson.

Actors in the music video are: Louise Thörner, Mattias Manne, Nils Klintenberg and of course, Josefin.

Josefin knows how to have fun. We all should strive for that fantastical side of life, as well.

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