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PREMIERE: JUSTIN WARNICK Shares New Single ‘Separate Ways’, A Sophistication in Ambient Aesthetics.

JUSTIN WARNICK is an 18 year old singer/songwriter out of the city of Logan, Utah. And in this sometimes serendipitous Universe, he’s come to produce his single ‘Separate Ways’. The song is marked by the thoughts of uncertainty, deepening conviction, careful outlooks, and shouts of confidence inducing promises to the self.

The gasping life of a soul, living and surviving on this earth, knows the value of an opportunity. And within that time of opportunity, we seek guidance, where runway of lights could be a very calming and insuring sight for the psyche. However, many times, we’re left alone to tackle the hungry wolves in the wilds of adulthood life, alone and isolated – to fend and deflect ourselves.

Will there be a victory at the end? Will there be a reward for all the struggles endured?

Who knows.

But is it about the end result, in the broadest sense? Why can’t it be about the journey, and the end result will come out of that exacting enjoyment?

Let’s make it through. Let’s make it count. Let’s be the better person, we can alway been destined to be.

In Justin’s debut single of ‘Separate Ways’, this ideal, thought exercise rings up true to many of us on this side of the fence. With Sigur Rós like guitar surrealism, the single brings up and fills up the cup of hope, to the brim. And Justin’s sophistication in ambient aesthetics, in an effort to tell a story, within a story, is more than notable.

Justin’s talent is beyond his years, with creativity just over flowing from that thing called his musical heart. ‘Separate Ways’ is a follow up to his 2018 LP ‘Moving On’, and we think it’s just another step to the artist’s fantastic musical journey.



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