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PREMIERE: JYN Shares ‘Easy’. “Look at those fluffy white clouds in the sky. Life should be that way too.”

JYN is an alt-pop songstress. And the Berlin Germany based artist strings melodies of pop agriculture and does her damnedest to bring insightful fun and music that is from her experiences.

She writes about subjects about loneliness, self-doubt, anxiety, fears. And she takes solace and strength by extracting the good marrows of those negativities and turning them into ‘inspirations’.

‘Easy’ is her single and within its surface succinctness, a bright plume of major colors dash out to meet and greet. The delightful pop, airiness belies the hurt and the contrasts already expired, but never gets nitty gritty about the dankness and the malign for long. The single is a signature salvo of delight, from JYN’s heart, delegating to others of the vastness and the greater good that can come of this most difficult of worlds.

“Smile”, as JYN would vibe in this single, and we do.

The nonchalant attitude of ‘laissez-faire’ proclamations, echoes stronger by the second as the single traverses, hand in hand, through JYN’s thinking process and aims. The nostalgic soundscape continues to invigorate with consistent pulses of rhyme on top of sane suggestions of existence. The delightful ambitions of happiness is the horizon at which JYN wants all of us to fly towards, with zero guilt nor abhorrent regrets.

Things aren’t easy.

But with ‘Easy’ and JYN, the road should have less bumps to distract.

Look for more from JYN, as she continues her own journey through this Universe of ours.



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