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PREMIERE: Kat Koan Explores AI Sex Robots On Video For ‘At Your Service’.

The art of ‘fascination’ is the game where KAT KOAN dwells. That realm of inquisitive delight sparks ravenous pangs of hunger for the artist from Berlin. The visual artist had recently reached a critical level where the urge to express herself and her ‘fascinations’ drove her to music.

Kat stated that she: “recently developed an urge to create music and visuals, after experiencing a burnout, which triggered an inability to sleep. Since then not a single night goes by without spending all waking hours tinkering, writing, filming, recording.”

“Together with UK producer Alex Lavery,” continued Kat. “I started to make music, combining sound influences from both Berlin and London. We want to create songs that evoke strong images, songs that make you feel something, unconstrained by traditional song structures or what’s expected of certain genres.
 This caught the attention of Dean Hurley, who is best known for his work as David Lynch’s Music Supervisor. He identified with something in the sound and offered to mix our tracks, which we are super grateful for, as his moody fingerprints helped us to get the best out of the songs.”

In ‘At Your Service’, Kat posses suppositions about the future oncoming world of A.I. (artificial intelligence). But as she dove deeper and deeper, it isn’t really about technology at all. The relishing of such futuristic endeavors, as it often does, are developed to be functional at human emotions, human textures, and human shortcomings. The delicate balance of what biologically inhibiting, comes at the fork in the road to potential freedom from our natural order.

Are there dangers? Are companionships and questions of intimacy, fixed in one place, where ‘variants’ of such attitudes can’t be added to our language of society?

‘Fascinations’ curate KAT KOAN’s expression. She in turn curates the whims of the world of the living.

“I find it tricky to fathom the attraction of having a physical relationship with an almost-real, programmed ‘thing’ but I’m happy to discuss!”

‘At Your Service’ is off of her upcoming debut EP ‘Lustfire’, which is to drop in August.



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