PREMIERE // Kate Lynn ‘Easy for You’ : There’s always a silver-lining in personal growth and acceptance.

Kate Lynn

There is a time when you need a spark in your day. Kate Lynn’s single ‘Easy for You’ is that sparkle. Within the tones of the bittersweet, there’s always a silver-lining in personal growth and acceptance. With effervescent love and breadth, Kate’s perpetual and inquisitive persistence in her tone, revels and swirls in your heart.

‘Easy for You’ was sparked following an awkward run in with her ex. “It just made me think about how you can go from knowing someone on such a deep level to strangers in only a few months,” stated the Fort Worth, TX born and raised artist. “I was still frustrated with how things ended and couldn’t understand how it was so easy for him to move on,” she adds.

Love and hurt, battles and the war-weary heart, survive with a decadent call to move forth, even when nothing seems to be going right. That heart, and reckoning pride, bubbles into view as the challenges of what it used to be, is there no more.

“This is a breakup song but it’s more about what goes on in your head after a break up,” added Kate. “Asking questions that we all have had at some point like, ‘how did I get so caught up in the drama of it?’ and ‘how was it so easy for you?’ Those are two of my favorite lines because I feel like everyone who has gone through a breakup can relate. I’ve always been drawn to songs that are super vulnerable and honest. That’s always my goal when I’m writing.”

“I hope people feel a little less alone when they listen to this song,.”

Beautiful vocals of Kate, reminds you of the better days of relationships of old. But exactly at the same time, her voice of reason and love, propels you into an atmosphere of better and betterment into the coming horizon. There’s more to explore. There are more to consider, than right now. It’s the confidence that Kate exudes, and its marks are in ‘Easy for You’.

Now living in Nashville, she’s getting ready to to debut her EP, ‘PROFESSIONAL’, late 2020.

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how do you not feel anything?

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