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PREMIERE: Katie Glasgow Shares ‘Midtown’. “Harmonious revelry, which is undoubting and natural.”

KATIE GLASGOW taps easily into her feelings and from that fountain, she digs up beautiful hymns of introspection. And in her single ‘Midtown’, all of the bad memories that stick to that moment in time, cascade into a menagerie of regalia – toughening the outer coating of self, and character.

“I wrote this song last year shortly after I was hit by a car crossing the street in Midtown,” said the vivacious artist. “I broke the frick out of my pelvis and I’m very lucky to be alive – it was completely my own mistake, and I have never felt regret so immediately or physically. This accident came just a month after the guy I was dating told me he had cheated on me and in this song, I am trying to draw a comparison; or at least explore my newfound understanding of finality… of knowing in a moment something is lost or forever changed.”

Every word and execution of the song is deliciously overcoming, as Katie’s beautifully laid out vocals, emote, various colors of the ups and downs of feelings. The peaks of integrity, dowsed again with doubt and remorse, reveal themselves in fine detail, reminiscing and befuddled, to where and how it’s come to such straits.

But at the end of it all, therapy is of word, written down on paper, sung in the voice that you’d been given, than sharing it with the people who connect with your experiences.

In ‘Midtown’, all of the right angles have been covered, with the kind of harmonious revelry, which is undoubting and natural for Katie.

Katie’s work spans from pop to folk to rock and back. But it is easy to fall in love with the sights and sounds presented through this particular single – exemplifying the kind of songwriting grace and talent, a person can demonstrate.

Confident and radiant, the words are ahead of their time, and delectably framed.

Looking forward to more of Katie’s journey.

See her next at Rockwood Music Hall on September 8th, New York City.



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