PREMIERE // Kev Sherry ‘Wasted Days’ : Questions of our younger days, of which we have no answers.

Kev Sherry

Alongside his backing band ‘Low Fruit’, Kev has produced an uplifting, earnest piece of jangle-pop music juxtaposed with weighty, reflective personal lyrical content. Wasted Days sees Kev challenge the banal, indistinctive sound of modern indie guitar music by reconnecting with the sound of shambolic, loose guitars, catchy melodies, bare production and raw recording.

Collaborating with renowned producer Paul Savage (Mogwai, The Delgados, Franz Ferdinand, Arab Strap), and using a guitar borrowed from Tracyanne Campbell (Camera Obscura, Tracyanne & Danny) and a bass guitar borrowed from Francis MacDonald (Teenage Fanclub), ‘Wasted Days’ is taken from his forthcoming album Foxy Orthodoxy.

Kev said: “The song deals with ideas of regret, reflection and personal forgiveness. After the death of a parent you come to question if you really knew them as a person, as a friend, or merely as a parent. Did they know you loved them? Did they understand you far more than you realised at the time?”

The deep cut lyrics are the slices of delight where Kev offers his sincerest of vision to his audience.

A radical charge of allegorical enchantment, ‘Wasted Days’ takes a formula of 90’s indie-rock era pop singularity, and simmers it to higher graft of shine. The resulting assault of giddy-vibes and dangerously delicious nostalgia, mix and coordinate into this malaise of grit and molasses of sweetness-unbegotten.

It’s a song of straight talk. A song of eye brow raising sentiments. And most of all, it’s a delivery system for the questions of our younger days, of which we have no answers.

Mysteries of life, eh? Kev is part of that realm of possibilities. Now you know, too.

Follow the new adventures of Kev’s solo project.

The Glaswegian of four-piece Attic Lights (Island Records, Elefant Records), makes a welcome return with utmost style.

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