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PREMIERE: KYANOS Shares ‘Moonlight’. “The Moon hovers with patience.”

“‘Moonlight’ is a love song for the Moon. In the same way that the Moon takes hits for the Earth; love can be one-sided within human relationships too.”

Sam, Seth, Harry, and Zac delights in pointing out the fascinating wonders of their proclaimed Universes, through song. The impregnable virtues of right and wrong, begin to manifest into flights of butterflies and psychedelic rectitude when they play their instruments of choice. Their fingers of notes and harmony, float into the netherworld of angsts not soon forgotten – never overstated un-necessarily.

“The lyrics explore this, supported by a blend of indie, psychedelia and jazz-inspired instrumentation,” said the band. “Droplets of floaty synth ease you into a dreamlike sequence, before the melancholic vocals set the late-night mood. After a dramatic change to a head-bopping groove, the Earth turns its back on the moon with an introspective trumpet solo.”

Cool, calm and expecting the unexpected, the band of jazz talents and emotional efforts, the gang, puts forth documents of insight upon layers of unremitting calvary, solidified by the playful colors of sight, sound, mind, and gumption.

Kyanos fuses elements of Indie rock, Psychedelia and Jazz, and the refreshing and exciting vibes (influenced by artists such as Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Crumb and Mild High Club), cast a chilling shimmer of exuberance and candor.

In ‘Moonlight’, it’s a chance to catch up, re-evaluate, then settle on lists of to-do for the hours and days of the near future.

The Moon hovers with patience. Maybe we should take some points from our near-by neighbor.

See them next @ The Smokehouse Ipswich, Suffolk UK on April 3rd, 2020.



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