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PREMIERE: La Roboká ‘Klagelied einer Enttäuschten’.

Lady K and Robulus wanted music. They wanted waves of glittering meaningfulness to touch their audience in shades of color and expounding romance. They had a plan, and that plan was La Roboká.

Partly masked externally, and most definitely draped in mystery, internally, the duo art-pop exposition-ists gather together in a realm of possibilities and songwriting eccentricities. The inquisitive minds want to know and when the duo produces a song, it seems your synapses fire into golden 4th Of July fire works mode and relegates the human world in pause, for those moments.

Fleeting? No. When Lady K, opera singer and performer, mixes enthusiasm with Robulus the film music composer, anything can go. And often time they do.

‘Klagelied einer Enttäuschten’ clings to that order of reality and reflective entertainment, where the subversive Universe invite sharing of stories, with equal delight, in an art-Future demonstration of style and might. The oddly danceable theatrics are both niche and mass, as it digs deep into your skin, marking you with a sense of order and calm.

But in La Roboká’s own little way.

Genres don’t define La Roboká. They elect to try and become the shadows within and without – dictating new and the upcoming.



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