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PREMIERE: La+ch x Ryder Havdale Shares ‘Eucalyptus’.

Excitement is all that we feel when we listen to the latest from La+ch and Ryder Havdale. ‘Eucalyptus’ is an invigorating single with deep pulsating anthems for the grind in all of us. A death nell into the coffin of life and its underpinnings, the trap cleansed alt renaissance comes through with flying colors.

And in this accompanying music video, that amorphous trip to something surreal but hesitantly real, revives your every sense of being.

Dragged into a soundscape of decadent beats and morose vibes, the experimental side of the single is fabulously written by the collaborating duo of La+ch and Ryder Havdale. Each in their own right a cradle of lyrical and musical seance, the two melds the subtle pains of a story, within a story, and surrounds the things that haunt us into a vision in red.

Red is the color of blood. Life giving, and undeniable. It is the liquid that sustains and constructs our every cell, and being. At the base of it all, we succumb and exist at the whim of it and its purpose.

Our purpose.

Our sanity.

Our own reality.

‘Eucalyptus’ was produced by La+ch (Coleman Hell) and Ryder Havdale. The video was shot at Ryder’s great-grandfather’s cabin on Sproat Lake, BC (Canada), which was built during the 1940’s.

We’d featured Ryder’s works before, and each time his works traverse more than what you’d expect. A supporter and advocate for the burgeoning list of artists and music, he continues to collaborate with talents such as La+ch, Ewan Kay, Joseph Shabason of Destroyer, Maylee Todd, Arlen Thompson of Wolf Parade, to give extra dimensions to his craft.



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