PREMIERE // Lanessa Long ‘Well’ : Pride, joy, sadness, inquisition – all delight in a dance of fury and fervor – which can’t be tamed.

Laneessa Long / Photo: Ty Ferg

Bubbling just underneath, on a silent early hours of a day that seemed like another. You stroke your hair, with brush in hand, looking… looking at the looking glass, filled in those clear coat tears, of confusion and melancholy.

So, you brush your hair, like a familiarity that comforts, without comforting. “Where has this relationship gone…?”

Said Lanessa Long: “Sometimes the feeling of being known wrong is worse than the feeling of not being known at all. “Well” is an exploration of that feeling. Sometimes people stay in our lives for long enough that we forget we are not finite people who are always changing and growing toward or away from each other. But, for a brief moment, there is a purgatory of still being available to a relationship that may not hold you how it once did when you were both different, and that is the space this song came from.”

Deterioration and desperation, in caring for the strands of last-chances that cling two hearts of glancing blows.

“Is it over? Will this switch for love.. for you.. end in the early dawn of this day…this ordinary existence?”

Emotionally connected, and beautifully described, Lanessa’s powerful subterfuge of vocals and expressions, meld into a mahogany of feelings.

Pride, joy, sadness, inquisition – all delight in a dance of fury and fervor – which can’t be tamed.

A longing, outstretched beckoning, to the beloved is lovingly amplified in ‘Well’.

Will the other listen? Will the other understand?

Lanessa’s just a gal, in a small town in Oregon, processing her life by writing about it, and has a deep love for all that flows.


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