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PREMIERE // LEFKADA ‘Ella’s Flowers’ : The flood of ravishing thoroughfare entice with gravity and assertion.


Australian duo LEFKADA (stylized LEFKΛΔΛ) are crafting out a new space in electronic dance music; combining their studies in jazz with their love of house, r&b and hip-hop.

Back with their first new release of 2020, Australian duo LEFKADA delivers ‘Ella’s Flowers’ (named after the iconic Ella Fitzgerald). “The tune is a furious but heart-broken epilogue to a close friendship, moving through different stages of grief: a nostalgic reminiscence of better times, the struggle of letting go, and then a slow bubbling of anger that escalates into the drop; the liberation from this emotional journey.”

Balancing between the world of electro-pop and indie-EDM, the duo’s magnetic vision of the project, surges with empathy and resounding colors. The flood of ravishing thoroughfare entice with gravity and assertion in ‘Ella’s Flowers’.

Artists in their own right, both halves of LEFKADA draw on an extensive list of experience; performing and writing for some of Australia’s most hyped acts. With all this under their belts, the duo bring together their pop sensibilities but are constantly striving to create something unique and thoughtful.

Let’s dance.


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