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PREMIERE // LENNY the HEART ‘LUST FOR YOUTH’ : Shouldered and contemplates the heavy, timely, and the personal.


Pop-rock lust of LENNY the HEART is shouldered in the heavy, timely, and personal words of single ‘LUST FOR YOUTH’.

“This song was written about coming to terms that my youth is slipping away as I just turned 27 this past March,” said LENNY. “It is an ode to youth and me wanting to be forever young. I think it would be a fun record especially being heard this Summer (post-covid).”

More than the current situations of worry and confusion, LENNY tackles his own admittance and acceptance in being a finite organism in an ever complex social structures. Mental hardships abound in this world of survival, and LENNY doesn’t want that to permeate through the rest of his existence.

For life is only for a moment, and shouldn’t always be about the past and how “we’ve missed the chance” to be.

Colorado-based singer-songwriter ‘LENNY the HEART’ has been putting out nothing but anthemic songs that undeniably portray a new wave of Pop-Rock considering the well crafted crossing over of genre’s that also include Rap.

It’s his ability to perform a wide variety of distinctive vocal styles that make him an upcoming musical sensation. With just a few months of uploading music under this alias, the future looks bright for Lenny.

Let’s rock and be true.


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