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PREMIERE // LFTVR ‘Find A Way’ : You want more. And more – You need more. And more.

LFTVR / Photo: Marco Strullu

It’s alright. The world explodes in ways you’d always wanted. A slithering grip of narrations, dance in crawling expositions – dainty, and ever so grand.

LFTVR is a French & American ensemble, sprouting decadent synth pop extravagance, with a surprise permission to access your inner being with their accountability and sonic iridescence. Dirty and raw, ‘Find A Way’ is a sampling of what may be to come, where effervescent contrasts in melancholic assurance, delight in mischievous parody and gumption.

You want more. And more.

LFTVR, the project is made up of Morgane, Josh and Simon. They have different musical backgrounds, but just like their curiosity, they gather to make music about love, dead summers and gloom – in a context of contrasts, juxtapositions, absolutions, and satirical incongruities.

You need more. And more.

Look for the goodness from their EP, this summer.


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