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PREMIERE // LHD ‘I Don’t Wanna Fight (But I Know We Might)’ : Beautiful love sentiments wants you back. Now and forever.


‘I Don’t Wanna Fight (But I Know We Might)’ marks LHD’s fourth single release and their first taste of new music for 2020. The band have once again showcased their dynamic stylistic expression with this unashamedly-poppy tune.

The song “is a raw depiction of those times when there are underlying issues in a relationship,” said the duo, “but neither person wants to address them. This inevitably leads to petty little comments and a toxic environment..”

With honest and relatable lyrics that take the listener on a journey of a night out turned sour, matched with a stuck-in-your-head catchy hook, this song will surely be one that will have listeners wanting to dance and cry simultaneously.

Brisbane, Australia based Liam O’Hara and Hayden Smith lead the indelibly decadent pop expressions, loving and lovingly expressive. A passion for the art and creativity has garnered such producing and writing acumen.

With ‘I Don’t Wanna Fight (But I Know We Might)’ the duo’s path to such visceral pop stardom is cemented for the new horizons to conquer.

Look for a new EP.

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