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PREMIERE: LINDENFIELD’s New Single ‘Punk Brother’. A Salute To A Family, Of Punks, Of Characters. Of Art.

LINDENFIELD is the songwriter, producer, and artist from the glorious city of Los Angeles, California. And in his brand new single ‘Punk Brother’ off of the new upcoming album ‘Punk Family’ (November 16th), he offers you the kind of jarring hit to the brain that wasn’t on the menu – but you become affectionate towards it anyways. Why? You’re not sure. The punk-pop rawness that only LINDENFIELD can bring to this hop-along of a single, he combines the best tradition of multiple genres, not withstanding descriptive styles of Dylan, Billy Joel, layered on top of 80’s alt-pop-post-punk ratifications, driven with Ramones aesthetics and effervescence.

His upcoming album ‘Punk Family’ is about his honest tribute to his family members, in the matrix we live in currently, and in a beautiful vacuum Universe, beyond this dimension.

Colin Hatch is the real name and man behind the project LINDENFIELD. Don’t think of him as a punk rocker. He’s a multi-disciplinary and multi-genre artist and instrumentalist who is a true student of his craft, delicately constructing music for the journey within, and without. He’s crafted songs from emotive and cinematic landscape pieces, to now, an album about a family of ‘punks’ he’s come to admire and write anthems about.

“I wanted to give people something to munch on while they listen to the record,” he says.

‘Punk Brother’ (and the subsequent singles following it) are rounded up on a hill of silliness and honesty. It tries to explore each ‘family member’ and their individual ‘character traits & habits’. The story of their lives, are depicted, with LINDENFIELD’s ever oberserving gaze from a first person diatribe.

From developing film scores to producing other artists’ body of works (The New Electric Sound, Sen Wisher, and Emily Brown) this chameleon of music, continues to expand his personal and the listener’s faculties, with altering movements of sonic waves. His motives are straight forward: to produce a jaunting effort to kick you in the butt.


‘Punk Family’ the album is an interesting project, indeed. Curiosity in craft and experience drives Colin and his project LINDENFIELD.

That’s why we dig it so.

Kudos, Colin. Kudos.



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