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PREMIERE // Lindsay Foote ‘Don’t Go Changing Without Me’ : A comfort of warmth. A beauty of resolution.

Upcoming EP ‘Rollercoaster’ drops January 31st.

Lindsay Foote

Lindsay Foote’s mature weight of levity is textured and kind. Her vocals deliver with empathy, but with the relevant angles in understanding and gumption. A comfort of warmth. A beauty of resolution. They envelope with curt smiles and tender whispers.

A happiness that is set in stone, between gazes of lovers, extend a hand, to look forward, and then some.

The indie-folk/pop singer songwriter sings in ‘Don’t Go Changing Without Me’ with a rush of memories and sentimentality for the flow of life. The individual power to deduce such antiseptic piety; forms manic joy and a newer look into the complexities that coalesce, within space and time.

This is the 3rd single included in Lindsay’s upcoming EP ‘Rollercoaster’ (January 31st). And following singles ‘New York City’ and ‘Ready’, Lindsay’s song heart of lyrics, find newness and excitement, underneath the light of growing up and learning to live together.

Sparkling nuance with plucking mandolin ideas, ‘Don’t Go Changing Without Me’, captures a slice of a coming-of-age universe; then clings to your rib of which it is so profoundly individual.

It means something, when a voice for triumph, cheers you on, as Lindsay’s single surely does.

Lindsay was a finalist in both the Songwriter Serenade Competition in Austin, and the Canadian Songwriting Competition. She has completed several tours throughout Texas, the East Coast, Ontario, and the Canadian Maritimes. She has performed at the Tay Creek Folk Festival and Campfire Festival (2017 and 2018), and Dripping Springs Songwriters Festival (2018).

Now, the wonderful and refreshing, Lindsay, wants to sing for your heart.

The fold between the lines of Lindsay’s lyrics that make this a bit kinda special, indeed.



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