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PREMIERE // Listen To The Lyre ‘Swallows’ : Honest pre-amble to new worlds – shared with grace and inescapable embrace.

Listen To The Lyre

Compositions of the classic and of the more modern; blending of light and day, the unpredictably, predictable. Listen To The Lyre is an acoustic trio which does a crescent mix of purity in folk elements and experimental compositional revelry.

Vocal harmonies, tone deference, existential lyrical ambles mark the grand escalation of ‘Swallows’. The single is a travel of mind, body, propositions, and the sense of that indelible altitude of emotional consciousness and profundity. From vocal harmonies delightfully supporting an old-world diaspora of sound and description, the single never tails into the nostalgic morass that you’d think it would. But instead clamors for attention, by its natural beauty and humble decadence; prying your heart into new corners of charm and affection. A beauty of no other, ‘Swallows’ is an honest pre-amble to new worlds, of their own making – shared with grace and inescapable embrace.

They are an international band, from Paris, Hamburg and London, coalescing in Berlin like droplets of rain water, which converged in the delicate center of a pond petal.

The journey has just begun for the talented trio, as the dream begins to bloom.


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