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PREMIERE: MaidaVale Shares ‘Gold Mind (Tapetown Sessions)’. Rock n’ Roll Without Pretense.

With the sound of psychedelic rock n’ roll that screams at your soul, the dynamic quartet MaidaVale shared a live session at Tapetown Sessions. In this conversion of rebellious sights plus sounds, the ladies of puts out the famous live energy that has always put the band at the center.

The song is MaidaVale’s single ‘Goldmind’ off of their 2nd album, ‘Madness Is Too Pure’, which was release in March of 2018. The album constitutes a return to the days of axe grinding, chest thumping rock of the past. With the decadent use of color inducing, guitar fuzz, layered with plenty of wah, demonstrated in the realm of hard driving drums and lyrics, the saturating aura of the band is intoxicating, at the least.


The Stockholm Sweden based band consistently breaks new ground and diverges the gaps between the here and the now. The expectation from the first single note to the slicing of the beats, the ladies attack you bodily cells with aggression and maximal attention.

First working scene in 2014, and releasing their debut album ‘Tales Of The Wicked West’ in 2016, MaidaVale quickly was lapped up by the rock starved masses and deemed them as one of the most promising bands to come out into the light.

MaidaVale is rock n’ roll, without pretense.

‘Madness Is Too Pure’ is their followup endeavor, and it continues the drive towards the prize at the top of the mountain.

The band consists of: Linn Johannesson (bass), Sofia Ström (guitar), Matilda Roth (vocals), and Johanna Hansson (drums).

Tapetown Sessions was born a year ago, out of Tapetown Studio. The Aarhus, Denmark based location collaborates with acts that swing by the studio before their gigs, with the aim of recording and sharing with the fans their art, their life. In the summer of 2018, Tapetown teamed up with SPOT Festival to release ‘LIVE at Taptown’ specials with bands Collider, Sista Bossen, and ONBC. Other visiting bands included Moaning, Baby in Vain, Pale Honey, The Fresh & Onlys, David Nance or The Telescopes.


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