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PREMIERE: Mark Nelsen Shares ‘Townhall’. “Brings forth the whimsical serenade of his acoustic strums”.

MARK NELSEN is a singer/songwriter from the San Francisco Bay area with a knack for the dream parted visions in pastel. Non is more evident than in his latest single ‘Townhall’ which brings forth the whimsical serenade of his acoustic strums and pension for love’s sublime.

‘Townhall’ is off of his upcoming EP and it serves well to describe the discombobulating task of a heart that seeks out and claws at the remaining images of a love that exists. It’s a solemn promise to another, about the things that made things whole. But those feelings ebb and flow as the seasons change and people change, as firmly indicated by the accepting lyrics of the single.

Life is what it is, and love is one component. But one can outweigh all else.

‘Townhall’ is beautifully supported by the violinist/vocalist, Lee Corbie-Wells.

Mark will be joining Bart Davenport & The Bedazzled, Anna Hillburg at The Uptown Nightclub in Oakland, California January 11th.



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