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PREMIERE // Mat Cote ‘Tell Me Why’ : Young. Intricate. Full of life and subtle expressions.

Mat Cote

Mat Cote is an independent pop music artist based in Montreal, Canada. Only 16 years of age, her vision for her songs is beautiful to experience.

From the process of a song’s construction is more than what her age indicates. More importantly, the single of ‘Tell Me Why’ demonstrates the way she injects emotions and feelings, through the mechanics of her words and expressions.

It’s the ‘how’ and the ‘where’ that she does so well.

‘Tell Me Why’ is a written book of journeys only the most personal of which can touch in a way of exactness. A heart never is more humbled when a story of love and loss can be pushed to the limits, as they do in ‘Tell Me Why’.

After winning the second prize of a local contest (Blainville en chansons), she was given the opportunity to perform at Blainville en fêtes, an event that receives 15,000 to 30,000 visitors annually.

For a promise for a promise and a talent for talent, is embraced gracefully and enthusiastically in the body of Mat and her songs.

Look for her debut EP early this year.


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