PREMIERE: MAX C BUD Shares New Single ‘I Guess It Has To Be That Way’. Get Hooked On Its Fascination.

Sydney based MAX C BUD (Max Budrys), premieres his dashingly delectable single ‘I Guess It Has To Be That Way’. The follow up to his first release ‘Temptress’, the singer/songwriter indie-pop rocker brings sultry, relentless, and aggressively affectionate kind of affection to the fore. The relaxed vibe, is framed in a languid vision of love and lust, bound only by the limitations of the two lovers and their appetites.

MCB shows the kind of invincible proclivity to announce the ‘sexy’. Just like fellow indie-pop rockers of another decade, INXS, Max shows his talents of unadulterated charm, amplifying his visual.

“IGIHTBTW is my most boundary pushing track to date,” said Max of the single. “Sam and I wanted to use a range in my vocals that I hadn’t explored before, and the result is a cruisy melody that is a lot of fun to sing, and hopefully gets people moving along”

The cool complexion of his voice is the central hero of the song, where the industrial arms built up in the world of confusion and seeming impossibility, it breaks out and sets a new tone of brevity, confidence, and a spectrum of ‘do as you will, for I’ll manage’.

Like in previous, Max utilized the talents of BOO SEEKA’s Sam Croft to the mixing duties.

The music video heads right to the thick of it, where Max’s sense of art, meets the physical manifestations of his lyrics on powerful movements, and delicate circulations of limbs, and emotions.

The groove of the song, takes over and you’re hooked onto its license for fascination.

“This track highlights the many influences that have inspired my sound and shaped my direction. It is simply a fun song about a girl and relationship”.

Feel the hip grinding trance of ‘I Guess It Has To Be That Way’.


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