PREMIERE // Max Gordon ‘Dead’ : Dictate with fabulous archipelagos of acoustic strums and dead-pan realism.

Max Gordon

Feverish jitters of panting rhythms and raw glitter in manic suits, the calm visage of Max Gordon is the complete contrast to that which burns. A burning desire of angst and reliable revenge, a delicate dance of power and flex, becomes the norm in his single ‘Dead’.

Max started as a songwriter in the LA pop music machine, churning out cookie-cutter hits for artists on Hollywood Records, Capitol, and Verve. But after his early success he grew to hate it. “It was soulless. I grew up in a family of artists and this didn’t feel like art. I got very depressed,” he said.

“I started reconnecting with the music I always heard growing up, like Lou Reed and a bunch of post-punk stuff,” he said. “So I decided to get some friends together and lay down this new stuff I’d been writing.”

Finding his footing in a more hands on directive, the artist with a focus of the more visceral kind, brings effervescent bloom with this latest of singles. And in doing so, a new revolution of inner peace and harmony, dictate with fabulous archipelagos of acoustic strums and dead-pan realism.

It’s of multiple genres, gathered together in the most current and modern.

Max is on a mission. Look for his upcoming EP with Oso Oso member Billy Mannino.


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