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PREMIERE: me not you Shares ‘Moving on’. “The flora of green and colors, follow up from the seemingly gray.”

Ethereal and life accepting. ‘Moving On’ is the short tale of a person’s realization for a place and time where we sometimes come and go. The doors of life and death, intermingle like winter into spring. The flora of green and colors, follow up from the seemingly gray. But when looking more deeply, the whole of the passing and of birth, the cycles of this world is glorious and beautiful.

Stated Nikky: “I wrote ‘Moving On’ as my grandmother was passing on, and I found out I was pregnant… was a crazy crazy summer last summer! But made me appreciate the cycle of life in a really beautiful way.”

me not you is a project of, Nikky Taylor and Eric Zeller, and the New York City based duo has been ‘birthing’ their own brand of ‘ethereal’ and majestic music independently for a while now. With stapled acumen and excellence, the two garage-pop artists have dedicated this part of their lives to sprinkling new and far reaching synth based hymns to conscious lyrics and activism. Whether activism of the individual heart, or of current events, the duo are self-assured and mission-bound to their craft and outputs.

Our first encounter with this fab team was in middle of 2018 when they announced the single ‘Imagine That’, which commented on the state of death and destruction in our U.S. schools by violence. ‘Imagine That’ is the first single from the upcoming full length album, and they’d donated 100% of the sales from the single to charity. Inspired by the gruesome mass shooting in Santa Fe High School in Texas (10 deaths, including teachers and students), Nikky and Eric wanted to contribute for a better world.

We’d stated about ‘Imagine That’: “This is a song about hope and encouragement. It’s what ‘should be’ in an environment selected and designated for learning. Without stress from possible bodily harm, without stress from a gunman.”

Since then they’d published many more titles that invoke and provoke, thinking and re-thinking about the environment that we live within and without. The palpable dexterity of thought and thoughtfulness is embedded in the DNA of me not you’s writing.

We think that’s what makes, me not you, so special.

‘Moving On’ continues that trend.



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