PREMIERE: Merin Shares Title Track ‘Coral Island’ Off Of Upcoming New EP (April 26th).

Callie Lugosi

Was there a inflection point between us? Was there a gap that where we couldn’t mend? Holding hands, in this fight of all fights, there was nothing that we couldn’t do.

But there are freedoms that lie within the dictatorship of us. Deep within our minds reel with sanctimonious petulance; a didactic insolence to the proper reality that is within a millimeter of our skin. That warmth of grandeur, sunbathing towards the oceans of guilt, satisfaction, unsureness, improprieties – we wrestle as we turn our bodies to toast.

Guarding against the subsistence of what we deem ourselves as worthy, we encrust undue salvations in granting others to judge what’s within. The inside goodness, you know it to be rewarding, caring, empathetic, and righteous.


There wasn’t any an inflection point of significance. There was no high drama in falling off of that ridge of high-minded exacerbation.

Only you trying our best.

Humble as it may seem.

Humble indeed.

MERIN’s opening title single ‘Coral Island’ is of mind and soul, struggles and the little demons that traverse between mental illness and personal shackling to this life.

‘”Coral Island is a song about escape from mental illness and a menial existence,” said lead singer Cole Zachary. “The idea that depression and anxiety can simply be left behind on this planet is obviously fantastical, so it requires an equally fantastical solution: May as well go to space!

The bedroom pop infatuation, delivers with subtle gusto as the melancholic single adjusts to our personal tastes in subject matter and outcome. It tries to salvage the negative to the upper most positive to emphasize wittiness and our attention to climbing that big mountain of life.

It’s the journey, man.

The new EP ‘Coral Island’ is the follow up to Cole Zachary’s basement solo effort 2017 ‘Space Camp’. With architectural significance already in place from ‘Space Camp’, the first collaborative quartet effort of ‘Coral Island’ gives a deeper mahogany-like color to the project. The textures have ripened to a different task, as the constant gray but playful expressions of Cole’s ever present vocal delivery, prances and delights along the way.

The band consists of Cole Zachary, Kathryn Kerr, Jordan Cayer, and Joel Klaverkamp, and the indie rock outfit wants to take your hand with them to those places that are surreal but abstractly fun.

They are keen to win you over.

‘Coral Island’ was record and produced by J Riley Hill (Living Hour, Animal Teeth) with mastering duties by Carl Saff (Mitski, Guided By Voices, Speedy Ortiz).

MERIN will start their touring journey with their kick off show at The Apollo (Thunder Bay) on May 3rd. The tour hits 13 cities within Canada.


May 3 – Thunder Bay – The Apollo
May 4 – Sault St. Marie – Dryer Fire
May 5 – Sudbury – The Asylum
May 6 – Toronto – Burdock
May 7 – Hamilton – Doors Pub
May 8 – Montreal – l’Escogriffe Bar Spectacle
May 9 – Quebec City – TBA
May 11 – Ottawa – Bar Robo
May 16 – Regina – The Cure Kitchen + Bar
May 17 – Calgary – Tubby Dog
May 18 – Edmonton – The Aviary
May 19 – Saskatoon – Nibbs Hall
May 24 – Winnipeg – The Good Will Social Club

Callie Lugosi

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