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PREMIERE: Mexican Radio Shares ‘Pretty Out There’. “Odd. Hot. Brain food.”

Hear it. Vibe it. Let it wash over your skin, as you’re coming out of your shower. Thinking. Brooding. All for the night and week ahead of you.

You’re a man. You’re a woman. Psychically reticent of the hardness of the Universe; powder on your nose and your electricity bill.

“Dang. I need to get out there and meet more people.”

What a mind you have, indeed.

Anywho, 3 piece band MEXICAN RADIO is out there as the previous sentences and phrases. ‘Pretty Out There’ is that emblematic cause for concern. A concern for that resistance of motion and commotion – that diligent instigation…

That itch that has to be tickled.

Off of the sophomore album ‘Destruction/Reconstruction’ the fabulously quirky and diabolically lyrical MEXICAN RADIO is a sight to behold for your ear holes.

“Pretty Out There” was inspired by William S. Burroughs, an American author from the Beat Generation,” stated MEXICAN RADIO. “Burroughs wrote highly confessional books about his prolific drug use, homosexuality, troubles with the law and general debauchery. He accidentally shot and killed his wife during a drunken attempt at a “William Tell”-style stunt in Mexico.”

“He was a counterculture icon and really pushed the envelope with his lifestyle and his work, which were inseparable from one another. The song is sung from his perspective, unapologetically recounting his misadventures as he drinks, doses and screws his way around the world. It’s a declaration, a refusal to conform to society’s expectations of normalcy. Throughout the whole thing he insists that he’s “pretty out there,” and above all, that he’s “never gonna be too straight.”

We all need some quirk. We all need a breath off of that straight and narrow.

It’s peace. It’s quiet. Our way. Your way.

A tango for your aching pains, for a time.

MEXICAN RADIO is Nathaniel Fregoso, Dyan Valdés, and Hannes Neupert.

They are from Berlin, inspired by bands like Cabaret Voltaire, DAF and Stereo Total.

They are energetic, artistically provocative, and they wear bright costumes.

Oh yea. Let’s get it on.



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