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PREMIERE: Michael & the Slumberland Band ‘Forest Moves’.


Mike Brown’s musical project is MICHAEL & THE SLUMBERLAND BAND. His music is eclectic, subject bound, and instigates the relative embers of sentiments we sometimes spark within our brains, but never have the guts to nurture further. Rounding his singles out with traditional folk reminiscence, touching ballads folded upon neutral sounding but juicy lyrics, inherently make his music poignant and news worthy.

“The songs called Forest Moves and it’s about the great changes the earth goes through that we don’t get to experience because of our relatively short life span. Or our relatively long life span and we’ll never appreciate the significance of a single flowers life.”

Or if you’d like, two other hypotheses: “Its about all the tiny habitats I wish I could live in if only I was a centimeter tall. OR if I was a thousand feet tall!”

Right? You see what we mean?

There is an upcoming new album coming from Mike, in Autumn of 2018. The album is name ‘Post-Truth Lullabies’, and it is slated to have 12 song with the same kind of “warped perspectives written with little consideration for what is true and real”

Mike states on his writing: “[It’s] a lot easier when you’re free to imagine that there is any significance in a single flowers life. Or that a Nigerian prince is in need of our help. Or that our minds evolved to stare at stars lending perfectly to staring at phones. But all this maybe-ing and what ifs will always have real world solid as a frying pan consequences if we put the thoughts into action or release them to the world. Even then our biased eyes probably wont see it until its in a text book (probably only used then with purpose (help)).”

Couldn’t have said it weirder, ourselves.

The album has been mixed with Andrew Woods (of Napster Vertigo, and 1/2 of Wider Smile) in the Trill Building over in Montreal and mastered by Brock McFarlane at CPS Mastering.

Mike is a hip and maybe an odd, cat (as jazz musicians would say). But he’s the good kind. Having the kind of imagination, and the willingness to put those those kind of fervent attitudes on display for all to gawk makes it cool

And that’s when you say – bravo.


Listen and read our review on his first single off of his upcoming album, [HERE]


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