Premiere ‘Motivation’ : Shines in its glaze of significance and unrelenting originality. Exhileration.


‘Motivation’ is a love song about bodies entwined. Urban dwellers and city slickers. A night time croon for the waccos. It’s a marriage of the Britpop rooftop parties of the early 90s and the Anglophilia Gothenburg pop movement of the mid 00s.

Premiere is a pop duo (Oskar Engström and Filip Spetze) from Stockholm that made their debut EP on Hybris records last year. Now they return with their first single from the upcoming debut album due 2020.

Rolling Stones was influenced by Chicago & blues, in another time, another space and another country the 90s born Oskar and Filip (Holograms) look back on what has become interpreted as the Swedish music scene and genre – Gothenburg and antirock. With powerful influences from genres such as the Embassy, ​​Tough Alliance and Air France, these millennials chisel out a balearic retrospective for the Nordic dream of warmer latitudes.

‘Motivation’ is motivation at the most visceral. With anti-vocals driving the summation of vibes, the duo’s production shines in its glaze of significance and unrelenting originality.

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Glad midsommar 🤙

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