PREMIERE // Mouth Breather ‘Co-Dependents Anonymous’ : Off of his upcoming LP ‘Under The Surface’.

Mouth Breather

Mouth Breather is Owen Hooper. And when he puts his wit and angst into his work, magic can occur.

Albeit that it’s the non-conventional, and never matter-of-fact, Mouth Breather, the project sorts with gumption and irrevocably delicious like crumble cake of the heart. For love is a major part of what Owen brings, as this world – as he knows and acknowledges – is built on the corner of fun and anguish.

Take it in stride, he says, with a big gulp of life and attitude.

The 23 year old is significant in producing work that resides in the realms of pop and indulgence. It’s alienation, without the alienating. It’s a gathering of seduction, with a glimmer of hope and desire.

As a result, his songs are all believable and they tell stories, although they’re not at all what you would expect from regular “pop” music. There’s something sort of “uncanny valley” about his music, because Mouth Breather isn’t really sure what is real and what is fabricated reality.

For his follow up to his debut album ‘Listerine Dream’, Mouth Breather expounds on the concept to his upcoming new LP ‘Under The Surface’.

“Ten years following a devastating nuclear incident that wiped humanity almost entirely off the map, a man living in a submarine deep beneath the surface reflects on his life before the apocalypse. He remembers experiences growing up in a police state, spending time with his next-door neighbor, his first love, his family and friends, and he anguishes in knowing that he took so much of it for granted, living a dominantly material life after a short brush with fame in his early 20s. His isolation and need for moral repentance eventually brings him to a place of faith, falling in love and believing fully in a troubling version of God, who he believes ended the world in order to punish him for his immoral behavior.”


From the insane to the palpable; then cycling back to that nostalgia of the new and the old, Mouth Breather’s unique take on pop revelry, gleans with pop severance to the n’th degree. A provocative understatement of affairs that, at the end of the day, give us pop-assurance of the best of kinds.

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Mouth Breather / Photo: Brian Van Wyk


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