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PREMIERE: MOYOGI Shares ‘Sexy Dreams’. “A slow malaise of thoughts, of promises, and expectations.”

MOYOGI premieres ‘Sexy Dreams’. The first track depicts a a moment in time; a suggestion between happiness and melancholy. And as the slow stroll of the guitars drizzles, you ponder on the past and of the future. A slow malaise of thoughts, of promises, and expectations.

The lights that shimmer between the curtains that block the world out there, seeps into your room of consciousness and makes you think of the plight of your place in the world. “Is this feeling of constance, all there is?” you ask yourself. There’s no answer nor reply from the Universe.

As the ray of sunshine dials and hits your face, the warmth again reminds you of the warmth of her touch next to you. The comfort of the things that exist in the world, seems to be tolerable again.

Pavel Trencsik leads the project named MOYOGI. And the Budapest, Hungary based classic rock band delves in and out of several sub-genres to tell the tales of the ins and outs of the environments, touched and experienced in their lives. ‘Moyogi’, a Japanese definition in horticultural style of art and philosophy influences the music, and in the title track ‘Sexy Dreams’, it surely feels that way.

Construction of songs is a hard business, and every time, there needs to careful credit taken to make sure that honesty and simplicity shine through. MOYOGI tries to do so with a drive at that primal focus and intentional gradient.

Throughout 2019 the band will be releasing a song every month.



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