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PREMIERE: Nicholas Tomillon Shares ‘I will never leave you’. “Smoldering heat…you can’t live without.”

NICHOLAS TOMILLON’s single ‘I Will Never Leave You’ comes at us with hiphop casual seriousness, worn by the drizzling shimmer of an artist who seems to write in strings of emotions, like pearls dangling from relevant thoughts. Those thoughts drip down to the angles of life, with poignant magnificence, while the flames of passion and nostalgia hits with 10-ton impacts.

Engineered by Grammy Winner, Michael Congdon, this single is a continuation from Nicholas’ debut single ‘To My Father’ (2018).

The Richmond, Virginia based singer/songwriter has matured before our eyes (and ears) with big attempts at hitting the raw nerves of life and love. In a contextual abnormality, the visions catapult their way out of the neon laden words of ‘I Will Never Leave You’, and you become swept at the intrinsically prominent.

Accompanying this new single is Nicholas’ first official music video. Translating the emotions culminated in his lyrics, the video follows in the commonality of the emotional rollercoaster – dipped in trap, and always unique.

Like the embers of a fired up passion, the smoldering heat relives each day, waiting for that one chance to make it right again. The love of your life, awaits that same fate, as Nicholas guides you down that tempestuous and glimmering love.

Love that will make you whole.

Love that will ultimately kill.

Love that you can’t live without.



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