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PREMIERE // nikolaj grandjean ‘Seven Wild Horses’ : Grace and calm.

Upcoming EP, ‘Seven Wild Horses’ drops February 7th, 2020.

Nikolaj Grandjean / Photo: Bjørn Bertheussen

Danish singer/songwriter nikolaj grandjean releases his title track from his upcoming EP, ‘Seven Wild Horses’ (February 7th, 2020).

‘Seven Wild Horses’ longs for the one and only. “It longs for a soul mate, the complications that come along with the depth of that partnership, and the beautiful steps along that journey. nikolaj unmasks the duplicity of making yourself suitable for your vis-à-vis and reveals a certain kind of insecurity behind the process. The single repeatedly questions if we’re enough, underlying a vacant confidence.”

Growing up with his mother in Copenhagen, Denmark, “after the parents’ divorce, life in various collectives, around politically active, left-wing liberals and such, with a strong creative vibe, set the scene.” With regular visits with Dad, who chose to go in a radically different direction, obviously made a mark and that contrast very much defined the man today.

Said nikolaj: “Besides growing up mainly in an environment with women celebrating their ability to be just women, being a boy growing to become a man, I believe it’s special that I grew up with my father as well. He is a very average Danish man, living a quiet family life, not overthinking anything.”

nikolaj’s project, as well as ‘Seven Wild Horses’ is an anthem for the heart; a projection for the strength for the world that you’d been born into. It’s also a vow to make the best of what’s been dealt and drive towards all of the best possibilities that lies in the coming horizon.

Losing that chance. Losing that opportunity. Not having the open enough heart to embrace and make better – a world of possibilities stand strong in the line of lyrics with ‘Seven Wild Horses’. And in its pages, a melancholic procedure for prodigiously ample grace and calm, talks you through the often unfair world.

“The difference between worlds in time made me very much aware of the need for adaptation,” nikolaj added. “There are huge differences and many similarities that define us as people. That is all over my songwriting and in my perspective of the world in general. It is very much my thing: this passion in seeing and speaking about these characteristics.”

grandjean’s hit single, ‘Heroes and Saints’, featured on his debut album ‘Carrying Stars’ (April 2008), was taken over by a Brazilian telenovela in 2009 and later became a surprise hit in Portuguese-speaking countries. Since then grandjean has been touring the world, proving to his audience that he is still determined to make intimate, authentic and vibrant music.

Look for his voice of empathy and indie-folk goodness in his upcoming EP.


nikolaj grandjean / Art: John Mckie


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