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PREMIERE: NREC Rips It Apart With Single ‘Tears In My Soup (feat. Sunshine)’

Electronica purveyor, Enrico Tiberi, rips it apart with the new single ‘Tears In My Soup’ featuring the magnetic vocals of vocalist, Sunshine. It drives deep into the heart of the valley, where darkness and light co-mingle in lashes with scars of promises linger.

Off of the charitable compilation ‘V Miracle: Music for Oceans’, the label introduces 16 artist from various countries such as Belarus, Russia, Sweden, Canada, USA, Italy, Austria and UK, who took part in the exercise of giving. The revenue from sales is to be donated to Sea Legacy, a non-profit organization for ocean conservation based in Canada.

Published through the record label Exhevika, the concern for the protection of the world’s natural resources, is a key mission for the charitable album. The label’s Konstantin Kourianov commented: “There are no oceans in Belarus. But we live in a time when you truly feel yourself a citizen of the world. And it’s cool that sitting here in Minsk we can do something good for the nature in the other part of the world”.

NREC is an Italian artist (based in Berlin) who’s single helps push the issue with dubstep elements, that increases the zeitgeist. The warm glow of understanding and humanity comes through as the signals for a better world chimes.



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