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PREMIERE: OH GENIUS’ New Single ‘Your Touch Is Tender’. “The Path Is Wide Open For The Taking.”

‘Your Touch Is Tender’ is about possibilities. It’s a demonstration of what the future can bring. The showcase production by the group of vocalists consisting of Oh Genius (UK), David Verity (California, USA), Mike Evans (NYC, USA), and Dopein (Seoul, South Korea), commemorates their vision in what entertainment and music can result within. The passion for the glory of truth and clarity seems to be the direction for the project – although this project is as liquid as the oceans.

“When producing this song, I wanted to combine elements of old school songs I’m a fan of with newer contemporary sounds,” Oh Genius says. “The verses have soulful keys along with the swing of old school hip hop drums, then it switches up on the hook with a huge electronic synth and sub-bass. I took the same approach with choosing the artists for the song too…we got an amazing blend of influences all working together in this one song.”

Putting together an ensemble of talents across different continents show what power music could bring to the table. From Asia, to North America, to Europe, there is one thing that glues the lot together. The language of notes and the passion for sonic construction, delves deep into the ‘sounds of life’.

From what we hear in this single, the path is wide open for interpretation and victories.

Let’s see where OH GENIUS takes it from here.



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