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PREMIERE // OVRGRWN ‘Glenn Park’ : Dreamy vocals and aesthetic. Unfettered execution.

Looking for more from this dynamic and upcoming duo.


OVRGRWN’s ‘Glenn Park’ is a mixture of cinematic synth soundscapes (Stranger Things, John Carpenter, Drive) and 80’s ballad vocals.

And the duo with the dreamy vocals and aesthetic longing driving with dark and sultry heft and weight, ambience of guitar strokes and magisterial tendencies, calm your senses.

The San Francisco duo is a small gem of goodness that is much more than just an electro-pop outfit that tends to come off as a synthwave derivative. From where we can hear, the talent and sensibilities are deliberate and absolute. The vocals are the anchors as the sigh of the future has nothing but optimism hidden in the cloaks of ‘Glenn Park’.

There’s something different about OVRGRWN.

Listening to their previous single as well, ‘This House’, an over arching trend is obvious from the get-go, as the clouds of ambiguity is dissipated, as the breadth of tight production and execution, is gloriously displayed.

Keen touches. Tantric appointments.

The songs by OVRGWN are there to be yours. Looking for more from this dynamic and upcoming duo.

Their journey has just begun and we can’t wait to see where they go.



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