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PREMIERE: PATH Shares New Twist For Single ‘What You Won’t Do For Love’ (Bobby Caldwell).

The rains fall, as PATH’s cover of ‘What You Won’t Do For Love’ by Bobby Caldwell, colors the skies gray and in a new brilliance.

Taking the classic performance of Bobby Caldwell (which was a song of beckoning love and enthusiast for truth for what could be possible for two lovers, two souls, and two travelers of this world) and sublimating the anchor spikes of that central tenet, to a glorious 60’s psyche-esque version.

Takes your breath away.

The brooding calculations of the whims and carry of the strums, along with the wispy vocals, sends PATH to a different degree of expression, while it institutionalizes what’s been missing from our vulnerabilities and unrequited pastures for love.

There are many sides to the concept of love. And many more ways to carry out the duties of being and disseminating such. In this case, PATH (the indie project of Sam Keeler) unabashedly neglects none of the sartorial dressings of the bliss that love can offer, while it profoundly adding another layer of emotions and hierarchy to the often confusing human state. Sam’s sultry vocals curtly extract the necessary essence of the song, with mild intrusion of the heart, gently caressing the senses, then leaving a love-note.

A reminder of the first time. A reminder of the second. And a reminder of the endless loyalty to the one you love so dear.

One more side.

One more moment.

Look for more from this talented New Jersey born project. A new upcoming single ‘If Only I’ will drop in the beginning of March.

PATH consists of Sam Keeler, Donald McGrath, Jeff Silverman, and John Caserta.



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