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PREMIERE // Patrick Galactic ‘Hello Below’ : Bellows gently with rhythms and poetic vibes.

Patrick Galactic

‘Hello Below’ is a the first song from Patrick Galactic’s forthcoming EP ‘No Future to Fear’. And the artist from the city of Seattle, bellows gently with rhythms and poetic vibes with ‘Hello Below’.

“It wasn’t intentional,” said Patrick of the song. “The pastiche of a bitter, broken person railing against society set to the tune of a summery pop song somehow seemed more authentic. There’s bitterness in the wind these days, it seems. Toxicity is almost impossible to avoid or ingest. There’s a great desperation amongst us all to be understood…and probably to feel a measure of control.”

Patrick’s line of songs that he’d constructed, comes at a wide horizon of styles and visions. With lo-fi, folk, and pop-like ambitions, he’s brought on the consistency of cerebral lyrical works, with the tanginess of a lover’s kiss and contrasting embrace. A longing and a play for a greater search for the point of no return, he tries his best to reside in the embracing arms of life. Even if it meant residing at the subtle edges, blurred and unknowing.

Galactic has earned praise for his work from Artist Home, Nada Mucho, The Sun Break and The Big Takeover.

He continues with a stomp of uniqueness, and interstellar vigor in his latest. A journey of thought and shuttled within a 70’s soft pop caress, in which a piece of inquiry, rests, with no regret.

Wonting, foreboding, acknowledging a greater notion, into the night, and then into your heart.

See Patrick next @ The Sunset, in Seattle on February 6th.


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