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PREMIERE: PEOPLE PLANET Debuts New Single ‘Rehab’ Off Of Upcoming EP ‘Power Play’.

Lexington, Kentucky based band PEOPLE PLANET brings their sense of familiarity to a subject of rejection and love, within their debut single ‘Rehab’. The song is about ‘heartache, anger and confusion of crushing on an addict’, and we’re kinda addicted to its maturation of force, with a framing of hooky pop elements in its DNA.

To be frank, we’re more than ‘kinda addicted’ to the single.

You know that crust on top of creme brulee? It’s the surgar-y crust that was formed out of fire and heat, put upon it at the behest of a possible opportunity for the access to a soft, fluffy and delicious layers underneath. That’s exactly how ‘Rehab’ feels like and vibes.

Quick pitched indie, with the punch we’re looking for.

From the jangly guitars, driven on by the vocals of Daisy Helmuth, it layers on top of the playful but weighty premise of the lyrics, keeping the foundations of the single going, and going. With compatriots Madeline Farrar, Charlie Overman, and Jack Quinn completing the band, Daisy Helmuth, offers up a dish that is as furtive and constructive in this single. At a time when we all just need some love, ‘Rehab’ does – in its own real way.

After all, don’t we all just need some love, even if it’s just a crazy thing to do at the moment?

So, here’s the plan. We suggest you crack into the crust of the dessert fresh tastes of the indie-rock clarity of the band named PEOPLE PLANET. The gang will love you for it.

‘Addiction’ button, activated.

Oh, by the by, remember to use the good spoon when eating up the goodness.

Quality, babe. Not quantity, as a famous philosopher once said.

Their debut EP ‘Power Play’ drops end of 2018.

Music video was filmed and edited by Jack Dunavant. It was Created by: Jack Dunavant and People Planet for all of our pleasure.



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