PREMIERE // Perfect Blue ‘Runnin’ From the Hills’ : Arm’s length distant, never far away, yet never close enough.

Perfect Blue

A wreckage of self and the crying mischief of emotions, dabble in the gaunt and luxurious pride of such a life. Begun. Ended. Maybe never duplicated.

“Running from the Hills is a bit of an anti-battle cry,” stated the band. “In the sense that it’s about being someone who is tired of fighting and hostility in their relationship. The song is a realization that peace may come from being alone. The song is the first song that we wrote when Trish joined Perfect Blue, and I think it’s become something of a theme-song for what this project aims to do, given how many twists and turns occur throughout.”

Alt indie band Perfect Blue’s ‘Runnin from the Hills’ is a decadent rock twist of hurt and chaos, described in the visceral reclamation for justice. A justice, never easy to attain, but always seemingly arm’s length distant, never far away, yet never close enough.

The band have only been together since 2018, but already have been prolific, releasing an EP in early 2019, receiving praise from tastemakers like Obscure Sound, Independent Music Reviews, and A1234, and now, preparing for the new album in Spring 2020. The debut full-length is greatly enhanced by the approach the band take to recording and arranging with each member playing
multiple instruments on each track.

Trish, Blake, Joe, Austin, Noah and Anthony make Perfect Blue, go.


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