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PREMIERE // Phileas Fogg ‘The Gamzu Man’ : Optimism for a life yet unyielded.

Phileas Fogg

Like a willow tree, we sometimes waver in the stresses of life, bending and close to cracking in the face of it all. But going forward is what we do. And in the constant evaluation against the needs of our ambitions, we reflect sometimes a bit too much through the eyes of others. It’s natural of course to do so. For we are built, brick by brick, through our environment, after all.

And that’s where London artist Phileas Fogg comes with his contemplative vision of a ‘life trajectory’ and the ways we self-sabotage ourselves out the of game, come to life in his song.

The trepidation is seeped deep within the vocals of Phileas, as the melancholy of it all, in deference, calms your listening nerves to a sound hum. As the intrepid protagonist treks through the vast wilderness of knowledge yet unseen, the psychedelia at the edges of ‘The Gamzu Man’, delivers with punch and effervescence for thought.

Based on a character from the Talmud, with the ‘Gamzu Man’ phrase embedded, it tells of a story about optimism for a life yet unyielded.

Look for a upcoming album from Phileas Fogg.


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