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PREMIERE: Phoenix Of The Lakes Shares ‘Blackbird Lullaby’.

London based artist and producer PHOENIX OF THE LAKES’ title single from her upcoming album, ‘Blackbird Lullaby’, is a statement of and for our desperation for life and inquisition for living. Within the folds upon folds of unmitigated examples of emotional and personal vagrancies, we all do our best to survive with the best tool that which we are familiar.

And sometimes that familiarity is just not enough. For with our experiences, we guide our subconscious to convince and thrust towards building and re-building our faculties through an ultimate effort to stave away the waves of the unrelenting and vast radiation of our lives. From the small to the large; from the significant to the insignificant; from the loving to the detrimental – we accept and reject, from minute to minute the facile litigation of information, while trying our best to keep ourselves sane.

Stated PHOENIX OF THE LAKES: “Blackbird Lullaby is a metaphor for facing the shadows within ourselves and realising that when we integrate them into our everyday existence they become our biggest gifts.”

Dreams and reality come to a certain junction. The ‘shadows’ of ourselves reveal with a shining brilliance, when tapped into with curt and reverent respect for what ‘could be’.

The pungent and understated ‘growl’ of the message exhumes itself out of ‘Blackbird Lullaby’. The ethereal presentation, with a floral circumstance, extends to the heavens, as the pomp and irony of the every day, slowly becomes brilliant again.

And we guess that is where this single does its utmost, with the notion that nothing’s really permanent – at least when it comes to coming back to what you can become.

“I don’t believe in musical boundaries. I think you can mix elements together and create whatever you like.”



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