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PREMIERE // Psychic Lines ‘Late Night Cyborg’ : The writhing ambience of choice words, hazed by the vocal trim.

Psychic Lines

Psychic Lines is the work of Philip Jacob, a songwriter hailing from Louisville, Kentucky and living in Brooklyn, New York.

“‘Late Night Cyborg’ came out of a short story idea about a malfunctioning android watching the world destroy itself,” said Philip. “The release marks a departure into slightly rougher terrain, inspired by bands like The Fall and Sonic Youth while still maintaining Psychic Lines’ signature lyrical and musical arc. It was recorded in short bursts during 2018 and 2019.

The song is a drizzling of counter affectations, marred in the indelible and never short of being sensual. It’s the juxtaposing of reticence for the after-market parties of your living being and of the market corner haunts of day-to-day relationships with whomever you deem right in this dream state. It’s a supposition, with shoegazy-folk temperance, and the writhing ambience of choice words, hazed by the vocal trim.

It’s the gift that you’d always felt, right there.

Psychic Lines’ upcoming 4th album, ‘Late Nite Psychic’, coming out June 5th. And it is a charming thought provocation that is enveloping and engaging in its uniqueness. But for a stunning sax solo by Dave Benjoya on the final track, the album was entirely performed, engineered and mixed by Philip Jacob and mastered by Alex DeTurk.

The first Psychic Lines album, ‘Cubicle Puppets’, came out in 2008. The latest will continue this future legacy.


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