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PREMIERE // Psyrena ‘Jedi Master’ : Plays life her own way. Let’s enjoy this palette of visual and aural pleasures.


London based alt-pop musician / animator Psyrena (Madeleine Wise), is a talent of one and of so many styles and acumen. Her musical inspirations span from classical inspired pieces, pop nostalgia; and of course, fantastical visions where elecropop attractions dance to highlight multi-dimensional altitudes.

“Just like ‘Rainbows and Unicorns’ I made the music video for ‘Jedi Master’ at home,” said Psyrena. “The pandemic is bringing the importance of digitalisation to the fore, I am wondering what changes the aftermath may bring, in terms of how we communicate with each other, or how we function.”

“I didn’t realise it, but we are so connected to the technology we are almost fusing with it. It gives us a very strong feeling of control over our own image, which is exciting and scary at the same time, but as an artist and musician I see my role to package the complex into something palatable, so Jedi Master just had be uplifting and fun.”

From the get-go, ‘Jedi Master’ is a certified banger, of both tongue-in-cheek thump and discussions of serious ambiguities during a lifetime. We can try to bear the unjustifiable and perhaps as well, the underpinning gray of existence and pertinence of being – dovetailing into folds upon folds, to tell a story of depth and texture.

Psyrena expanded: “Imagination is my way to cope with the current quarantine, helping me to connect with myself and other artists. In times like these when we can’t go out due to social distancing we might get caught up in the feeling of losing our freedom, which leads to fear and loneliness. It’s imagination and creativity that will take you everywhere … I call it ‘Quarantivity’.

Taken from her new upcoming EP ‘Honey Moon’ (October), ‘Jedi Master’ is a chapter of what Madeleine can achieve in the most dynamic and urging sequence of sight and sound.

Psyrena plays life her own way.

Let’s enjoy this palette of visual and aural pleasures.


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