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PREMIERE: Qasro Shares ‘The Stars Decide’.

QASRO debuts ‘The Stars Decide’. A sentimental and understated anthem in positivity and the recognition of such emotions.

‘The Stars Decide’ is a collaborative project between Qasro, Cordero Jones, Kristoffer Fogelmark, Eric Lundberg, and producer Manfred Rapp (artist pseudonym: Fred Chase).

Stated Qasro: “Initially this track was nothing more than a chorus melody created 8 years ago that was put on ice until a year ago when I decided to actually finish it and brought in additional songwriters and a producer (from Sweden and the United States) to eventually, after much delay, finally finish the record. It is a personal story that outlines the struggles I have faced over the years which eventually led to the inevitable conclusion that there are some outcomes in life that one simply cannot control and must accept.”

Simple and refined, the EDM vibes come out to play in ‘The Stars Decide’, with the kind and gentle wispiness that flirts and dances in between the words.

Fleeting thoughts of better possibilities to come.



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