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PREMIERE: Quiet Man Shares ‘Naked In The Cold’ (Music Video). “Get in. Get dancing. Ya heard?”

QUIET MAN and JOY ANONYMOUS joins forces again a single that is, suffice it to say, a tap of comfort to you nerves. The single is a drum & bass styled, bass driven concept, with the tone of understated urgencies, palpably raptured in drizzling dabs of alternative-pop chord goodness.

The single is ‘Naked In The Cold’, and it is a work that comes to life with vivid imagination and color. A love song that is incumbent upon a matter of recompense and character irreducibility. The word ‘go’ is the middle name of this vivacious offering, as you travel into another decade and sonically sartorial wrangling, dappered in monochrome shimmer and delights.

“The song is a warped lullaby of sorts,” stated Quiet Man. “Or some slightly deranged love song that hopes that no matter how mad it gets in the QM character’s head, the person he holds most dear will still be able to find peace.”

QUIET MAN is a classically trained musician, who’d been influenced by a long list of genres, taking a personal part in the enjoyment of the craft. His music is reflective of his journey, where varying experiences and life-enhancing visions had cast a long beam of light into his whole and utter being.

Collaborating with producer Joy Anonymous, QUIET MAN dives deep into the world of UK-Garage and makes it his own. ‘Naked In The Cold’ is a message of messages, further encroached in heart rendering steps to fruition and mind-altering set-backs. The emotions of difficulties and challenges, underly the upbeat synchronization of the single, conjuring the sweet and the sour – and ultimately coming to a full stop of pure pleasure and nostalgia.

Communication by any other name isn’t the same, without the groove of QUIET MAN’s antithetically iridescent lyrical stylings. And just like the song, the music video indelibly sets the scene for what his and his sensibilities are ready to pronounce.

Get in.

Get dancing.

Enjoy this, you heard?

See QUIET MAN at The Great Escape Festival in Brighton, London (UK) on May 9th.



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