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PREMIERE: Reykjavik Kids Shares ‘De Pasynuse’. “Never ill-advised.”

REYKJAVIK KIDS is this amalgamation of curiosities, which is delectably ‘this’, but at the same time ‘that’. It’s a flow of silk, that flutters in the wind, showing off its glamor – but in a work ethic that is blue-collar and straight forward.

Duo of Paul Tissington & Scott Munro make this project work, and the up-beat, indie, dance, punk combination of ‘De Pasynuse’ gets into your brain, the fight is over.

The earworm eats at you until you’re sharing the last bowl of cereal with your ex-girlfriend – after an ill-advised night.

The song is a call into the wild, as the hawks circle around in the valley you’d caused to create. An emotional valley you can’t yet know how to escape.

And it’s the element of assurances, replete with altruisms, diced at the feet of reality. A reality, we’re glad Paul and Scott helps us escape.

Newcastle upon Tyne and London originating, the duo kicks multiple genres and makes the outcomes, their own.

Filled with beat-bops, guitar licks, sentient relevance and palpable queue for the likely fun-times ahead, the duo makes this single hum with satisfaction and non-guilt ridden self-sacrifice.

“It may be dance inspired music and have synths, drum machines and things, but it still has its roots deeply implanted in the stuff we love like The Beatles, Gang of Four, Interpol, The Rakes just great simple guitar tunes. Basically music we want to listen to ourselves.”

Kudos, you two. Kudos.



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