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PREMIERE: Rivertide Shares ‘Should’ve Been Me (Acoustic)’.

RIVERTIDE is Charles Driscoll and he howls with honesty in his latest version of single ‘Should’ve Been Me’.

That distance between him and the gal that stood at the other end, might as well have been across the Universe, as she delightfully smiled and engaged with her drink in one hand, gazing into the guy she had interest.

The protagonist in this single satirizes his own belonging in this world – which is full of demons of unfair half-truths – and begs the questions of his own uniqueness. The questions haunt with gliding effortlessness now, and it bothers him when they do crop up to the surface. Just like this day, when SHE stands there with her charm all on display for the other.

It must be bad luck. A bad stride of circumstances that had lingered throughout eternity.

The Earth rotates without care, as the sun reloads another gloriously beautiful day for all to admire.

But he was there, churning, and burning with unrequited affections. Brooding and regretting at the fate of not knowing more about that girl across that room – a Universe away.

‘Should’ve Been Me’ was a song of reflection by RIVERTIDE, as in reverse, it was a girl and not a guy who’d confessed, heart and soul. It was in fact a girl looking from that other side of the room, gazing, dreaming…

Charles stated: “I wrote should’ve been me after a conversation with a good friend of mine (girl) after I started dating my current girlfriend. When I told her about this girl I started dating she told me “I’m happy for you, but it should’ve been me” the pain and frustration behind her words really reached me. She mentioned how she would not apologize for the feelings she still had for me. I went home the next day and started writing a song from her perspective.”

Taking opportunities and chances is what we humans do everyday. One of those is the effort to talk to the one you’re interested in. Of love and not being loved, starts with letting the other know. How the other reacts, is solely up to them and it is out of your control.

When confessing, it is in part, being truthful to yourself, and not being afraid any longer.

RIVERTIDE, in his own way, celebrates those moments that weren’t taken in ‘Should’ve Been Me’, with positive grandeur and maybe a platform for all of us to learn a little.



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